Friday, January 12, 2007

52 Questions

1. What would you say is the most profound advice you've ever been given (and did you heed it)
F*ck everybody else. You do this because you want to, as long as you don't hurt anybody.

2. Who, for you, is an idol? Why are they your idol?
Hmm. can't really say right now.

3. When, during the day, are you in your best mood, and why?
after work. stress free! and gimik nights.

4. When you wake, what do you normally think of first?
Am i late?

5. If you could choose doing the washing up or drying up, which one would it be? ( I have a dishwasher is not acceptable)
Washing up.

6. How often do you pretend you can't hear your phone ringing (mobile or land line) cos you cant be arsed to answer it?
Extremely rarely.

7. What are your favourite recipes that never go wrong and that the kids eat?
spaghetti with pesto and tuna.

8. What did you do on your 11th birthday?
I've no idea.

9. ______ is sexy But._____ is sexier.
I'd better not reply - I could get into trouble here.

10. Where would you like to live if you had to leave Belgium (and not the UK, because that's Andy's home) and why?

11. What would be your dream job?
freelance graphic artist who's well-paid.

12. Do you keep in contact with anyone from your school days? Tell us something about your oldest and closest friends.
My friends from school. They've been there trhough the good times and bad and NEVER judge. Which is sadly, what i can't say for most people i've met after.

13. What most important ingredient would you like another person freely and naturally to offer, to help ensure that such a relationship developed?

14. What important aspect of you do you feel would contribute towards this ideal.

15. Do you feel that you have depths (of feelings, ideas, attitudes) that have not yet been shared by another person? If so, maybe explain??
yes. Don't want to explain though.

16. Where would you like to be at the moment (and for how long and why?)
In NY with lots of money to spend. I'd really like to extend my stay there the last time but i had to go somewhere else. damn.

17. What is the biggest mistake you have ever made, in the sense that it affected your life adversely?
Not having listened to my gut instinct.

18. Name 5 things that give you pleasure?
Chocolate, Sex, Alcohol, Meeting new people, Traveling.

19. What is the worst UDI (Unidentifiable Drinking Injury) you've ever had?
My legs feeling like they'r eabout to break becauuse i was too drunk to stop myself from dancing with 3 inch heels all night.

20. Do you prefer living in Belguim to living in the UK, & why?
I've never lived there. I want to though.

21. Why are you so nice as to invite a load of complete strangers to your house every summer for a BBQ?!!
BEcause i feel like it.

22. Where do you want to be in 5 years from now?
somewhere outside the country, with lotsa money and making mad love by the beach.

23. Did you regret anything so far?
Oh yes.

24. The place you wanna live if you would have tons of money.
The Carribean, or Italy, or Australia.

25. Are you still the funny, lovely person that I really liked a lot in Brussels?
I damn well hope so.

26. What thoughts predominate that mind right now?
can i go home now?

27. Lastly, what did you look for in your men and have you found it ?
a sense of humor, wicked wit and craziness. yes i did so far.

28. Why are you so evil?
Because being bad is so good. And haunty "Charlotte Yorks" are just too boring.

29. Why do your powers seem to be blunted when faced with the might of Flobster International?

30. How come evil is so sexy?
because it's so bad it's good.

31. What made you abandon your calling to become a monk?
no sex and bad fashion.

32. Is red wine really better for you than trappist beers?
yes. then again, i never had trappist beers. :-P

33. Why Belgium?
again, i have no idea.

34. Do you think there is a difference between you being around other people or other people being around you?

35. Have you ever had a simple decision in front of you and known it could change everything?
yes. the decisions we make dictate the lives we lead.

36. Do you think that the questions asked reveal more about the asker than the askee wanted?
yes!nosy, aren't ya?

37. What would you do with the perfect snowball?
throw it!

38. You're gorgeous, what's your secret?
happy thoughts and lotsa sex.

39. How many times a month do you clip your toe nails?
Who on earth asked that question ?seriously.

40. How many sugars in your coffee?
none for me.

41. You take your tea with or without milk?
depends on my mood.

42. You are generous and loyal, now that i spot it out, are you going to change anything?

43. You have some parsley stuck between your teeth, are you going to remove it or enjoy walking around with it seeing people's reaction?
Remove it, dammit.

44. What do you value most in life?

45. Do you ever have fantasies about other men during your love-making with your present partner?
sometimes. Hey Johnny Depp, where the f*ck are you?

46. What is your biggest regret?
not travelling enough. not having enough money to travel, hahaha.

47. You have a chance to commit a crime - the perfect crime, as you'll get away scot-free and no one will ever know a thing. What crime would you commit, and why?
rob a bank. or Tiffany's.

48. Donkey or worm? (think carefully before you answer this one).
Donkey. Beasts of burden and all that.

49. Belgian men - what's the reason for them?
i have no idea. Maybe to proliferate Belgium.

50. What languages do you speak?
English,Filipino and Ilonggo. Go figure.:-P

51. What countries have you visited?
US, HK, Malaysia

52. What's your favourite colour?
Probably black.

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hlF said...

wow... what's with Belgium?

All i know about Belgium are their chocolates...

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